What was the one experience that completely changed your life?

IMG_0027I recently had someone ask me the question above and I really struggled (and did not) find the “one experience” that completely changed my life.  I think all experiences no matter how small or large shape your life.  I do suppose that how you react to the “experience” could direct your life in one direction versus another.  I also think that depending upon what else you have going on in your life (work or personal)can (and does) contribute to the impact of that overall “experience”. What we learn from that experience is also incredibly important. That learning process (how we assimilate what may have just happened) is very key for us to “manage”. This is inherently where ones core foundational value and integrity come into play. Some may say that if your foundational value are intact, this is an easy process of “guidance”.  I actually believe that this is true to a certain extent, but depending upon our experiences, what we may have been exposed to previously (or not) is part of the assimilation of information, experiences and lessons learned.  This, I believe, can be very complex at times and why I believe that leadership (again both professional and personal) must be practiced everyday. A recent quote illustrates:

The only person you are competing against every day is the person you were yesterday”


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