12 Traits you need at the top!

In cleaning off my desk and deciding to save or throw away some material,  I came across a copy of Executive Leadership that someone gave me a year ago.  I was never able to read it (despite it’s very concise format) and the article entitled  “12 traits you need at the top”.  They are below (and I added a few comments):



To the top!

1) Attitude: good leaders stay positive.

2) Tenacity:you have to go the extra mile.  Do more, not less.

3) Risk Tolerance:Mistakes help you learn (even when it does not feel like it!).

4) Active Honesty: Carelessness with facts, or any level of dishonestly kills your credibility (and you do not get it back).

5) Prudence: Think before you speak.

6) Originality: People like to feel that they are breaking new ground with your leadership. Be original.

7) Modesty: It is better to have other people recognize your ability than to point it out yourself. If you are in a situation that makes this a challenge (for example someone has no problem taking your ideas for their own), find a better situation.

8) Style: They are not talking about your clothes,  but what you do while in your clothes!

9) Willingness to Admit Mistakes: If you are error-free,  you are likely effort-free or not authentic.

10) Downward Loyalty: Leaders support, develop and protect the individuals on their team.

11) Straightforwardness: People can more easily understand and support what is simple and direct.

12) Inquisitiveness: Curiosity leads organizations into new directions.

Excellent traits to make sure you not only have but practice consistently!




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