Monthly Archives: June 2013

The “Great Dereliction” and Authentic Leadership

There was an excellent post recently in the Harvard Business Review Blog that further points to the fact that we do have a great leadership crisis in the world today.  The post is entitled “The Great Dereliction” and although I do not share the same mindset as the author in one or two areas,  overall […]

Courage and Leadership

There is a great post below discussing the role courage plays in leadership.  Many of the posts this blog has presented are about “authentic” leadership and the intersections of other traits that either create or erode authenticity in leadership.  Courage undoubtedly must be a trait that is at the top of the list in terms […]

The Leadership Contrast

Last week I had the pleasure to be part of an event at Grand Valley State University honoring a few extraordinary individuals who have given a great deal of time and resources to this special university. I was truly moved by the stories about and the speeches from these honorees. These are truly extraordinary people […]

Effectively dealing with conflict and the critical need for Authentic Leadership

I have written about several leadership topics since creating this blog:  Authentic Leadership, the great leadership crisis and conflict avoidance in leadership among other topics. Do these issues relate very closely? Does the issue with “conflict avoidance” in leadership today and being an “authentic” leader give us critical insight into solving what may be the […]